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Buddhism: What is The Eternal Now and Suchness?

The ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength,  elegance, the universe, and mu (the void) "To be fully present in the Eternal Now is to dance in the arms of Suchness, where the magic of life unfolds." Michael Corthell While Buddha was on Earth he referred to himself as the Tathagata , which can mean either "One who has thus come" or "One who has thus gone", and interpreted correctly can be read as "One who has arrived at suchness ". So, just what is this 'suchness' exactly and how does it align with Christ and Christian practice today? 'Suchness' is of itself the highest wisdom. And it shows the highest wisdom which shines throughout the world and the Universe, it has true knowledge with a mind resting simply in its own being. It is eternal, it is joyful and blissful. It is its own self-being and it is the purest simplicity. It is energizing, immutable and it is free. Because it has all these attributes and i