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The Path to Healing: Embracing Time, Courage, and Faith

"Within the passage of time lies the potential for healing, but true restoration requires the courage to face our wounds and the faith to believe in our own resilience." Michael Corthell Healing oneself is a complex journey that necessitates faith, the passage of time, and the acknowledgment of certain undeniable truths. One such truth is the notion that the past is irrevocably gone, unable to be altered or rewritten. To truly heal, one must confront a fundamental truth: the past is irrevocably gone. Acknowledging this reality allows us to free ourselves from the shackles of nostalgia, regret, or bitterness that can hinder the healing process. While the memories of our wounds may persist, accepting that the past cannot be changed enables us to focus on the present and shape our future. By directing our energy toward personal growth, forgiveness, and self-compassion, we create an environment conducive to healing. Let us delve into the concept of "time." It is often

Gratitude changes EVERYTHING!

"Thank you for this day!" by Michael Corthell The simple practice of saying, ''Thank you!'' changes our lives. The wisdom of the ages teaches us: As we count our blessings, they multiply — many times exponentially. Gratitude sharpens our awareness of God and draws us closer to Him. It opens us to receive and appreciate our own divine goodness. ''Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.'' — Aesop It has been said by many people throughout human history, “If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you God,’ that would be enough.'' Yes, gratitude means saying thank you. When we count our blessings , when we notice simple pleasures, and when we acknowledge everything that we receive, we are blessed. We learn to live our lives as if everything were a miracle (it is!). We are aware of how much we've been given. Gratitude shifts our attention from what our life lacks to the absolute abundance all around us. When we are grat

How To Create a Healthy, Happy Life

by Michael Corthell Many people have trouble sticking with their good, healthy habits because they don’t follow a morning routine or don't have a 'system' for doing them. It's easy to forget about a new routine when your day is full. Fortunately, I have a simple suggestion to help solve this problem. If you start following a simple routine every morning, you’ll create a short ritual. You will complete several small good habits that will set you up for creating an organized day. Step by step. I call it a routine/routine. Following a system when you first wake up, means that you’ll have more time to think in a quiet atmosphere and it allows you to be organized for the rest of the day. This daily 'habit routine' helps you create energy and the right mindset to take on the work of a busy day. Before you start going through this menu please remember that getting up early is a habit that almost all successful people follow.  As Benjamin Franklin

Want to be Happy? Be Grateful!

by Michael Corthell Three questions: 1. Are there any good and positive things in your life right now? 2. What are they? 3. And do you always seek good, positive things in your life every day? If you're not sure about the second question, I understand that, and I just want to remind you that you're not alone. All of us get trapped in our daily lives and sometimes forget to see all the good that is around us. It can all boil down to perspective. ''The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad your whole body is full of darkness.''   —Luke 11:34 How? That is the question. The answer is by being a positive thinker—having a positive mindset so that you can rise above discouragement. I want to remind you how critical it is to count your blessings, to be full of thanksgiving to God for every good thing in your life. When you acknowledge the goodness

Happiness and Where to Find It

by Michael Corthell There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path . Which means that the life given to you by God is 'good' always(but often in retrospect).  Being happy with the journey back to him and your spiritual existence is your happiness. The wise  make the best use of every episode in life, good or bad to experience the joy of oneness with creation.    Pilgrim's Progress, from This World, to That Which Is to Come by John Bunyan is about that path. Written in 1678, Pilgrim's Progress is purported to be the first novel penned in the English language. It is a story about the journey of awaking, and an interesting read. I highly recommend it. How do we, who are on this path through life, first come to the understanding that our life is a journey of learning and preparation?  This can be difficult and can seem complex—at first. (It is complex, but that is the 'backend of the business' and God's got you covered on that, so there is no need

[Happiness] to choose

“But until a person can say deeply and honestly, "I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday," that person cannot say, "I choose otherwise.” ― Stephen R. Covey Your life is(are) your choice(s).

[Life Balance] Accounting for it all...

The number one operating rule for the Universe is 'stay in balance'. Be like the Universe . There is little success in life if you don't have a balance of health, purpose, hope, and optimism.

Using Common Sense to Remodel Your Life

Some people want God, the Universe, to come to their rescue, and give them a new life, a new job, or some new and improved situation, but they don’t want anything in their lives disturbed. That's crazy, right?  For instance, if I wanted to remodel my home and told my contractor that I didn’t want him to touch anything, he would have told me that I didn’t really don't want to remodel. If I wanted new paint, a new floor, or new cabinets, none of that would be possible if the old stuff wasn’t changed out first.  Many times we need to be stripped, broken and removed from what we have come to rely on in order for us to be rebuilt with greater spiritual strength, focus and stamina.  It never feels good when security and other things are being taken from us, but if we can trust the process, we will experience greater good on the other side of the process. We need to trust God, and give Him permission to tear things down so that He can make things new(and improved).  It can be painful,

Life in Series

So, you don't like the way your life is going, or you love it so far? Our lives seem to be a series of events and accidents. But if you look back you will see a pattern. Find out what that pattern is, and you can change your future hopefully for the better [or maintain it].