Using Common Sense to Remodel Your Life

Some people want God, the Universe, to come to their rescue, and give them a new life, a new job, or some new and improved situation, but they don’t want anything in their lives disturbed. That's crazy, right? 

For instance, if I wanted to remodel my home and told my contractor that I didn’t want him to touch anything, he would have told me that I didn’t really don't want to remodel. If I wanted new paint, a new floor, or new cabinets, none of that would be possible if the old stuff wasn’t changed out first. 

Many times we need to be stripped, broken and removed from what we have come to rely on in order for us to be rebuilt with greater spiritual strength, focus and stamina. 

It never feels good when security and other things are being taken from us, but if we can trust the process, we will experience greater good on the other side of the process.

We need to trust God, and give Him permission to tear things down so that He can make things new(and improved).

 It can be painful, but it is only common sense....right?