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The Curse of Unearned Money

by Michael Corthell You Play, You Pay ''Wealth from gambling quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows'' Proverbs 13:11 Greed The desire for an abundance of money in one fell swoop, by chance, inheritance or by theft is a common dream among many of us, but when that windfall comes upon us the 'having' turns out not to be nearly as fulfilling and satisfying as the 'wanting'. ''For the love of money is the root of all evil; and while some have coveted after it, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.'' 1 Timothy 6:10 Dark and fearful is the 'curse' of unearned money. Regarding Lottery winnings.   Jack Whittaker found the $90-some million that he took home after taxes from his $314.9 million lottery ticket (he chose a lump sum payment instead of an annuity) to be different from the $17 million he had earned himself, working his way up from poverty to the o