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The Miracle of Life and The Artistry of the ONE

by Michael Corthell 'Let there be light, and there was light, love, and life.' When writing about God (the creator/the first cause/the prime mover or simply The ONE) I often say that creation is love or love is the essence of what the ONE is, and that 'love is all there is'. I say this because the true effect and purpose of all creation is love, life, and the love for it. In fact, all life is the ONE's manifestation of itself. ''A Brief Awakening' ' ''In the vastness of the out-rushing cosmos, you are but tiny—a warm and pulsing spark.  Against all odds, your birth a brief awakening from silent eons spent sleeping in the dark.  When you feel your heart swell with wild wonder at the dazzling diamond chandeliers of night,  know your body was built from ancient stardust and the universe now sees through your eyes.  So let the breath of sweet gratitude fill you, as the light of each new day begins.  For this moment itself is a miracle,