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The Cultivation of Hope

''The radiant glow of the eternal Light remains unwavering, whispering with gentle conviction, "I AM the beacon of hope, illuminating the path forward." Embrace its brilliance and embrace a brighter future.'' Michael Corthell To first define what hope is and how to have it, let's start with what hope is not. Let's look at hopelessness. Here is how one person felt during a period of deep depression. ''The future vanished completely, plunging everything into darkness. A profound sense of emptiness prevailed, stripping away any meaning. Memories of joy or success were overshadowed by regrets and failures. The present seemed devoid of positivity, and the future held no hope. I felt lost, with no guiding compass or center. However, emerging from that darkness, everything appeared different. What I once valued most seemed insignificant, while what I overlooked became essential. Money and career success faded to the sidelines, while relationship

To Be Truly Happy, Be Truly Grateful

"Gratitude is a choice that leads to a positive mindset, opening doors to divine love and abundance. Forgiveness and faith amplify our blessings, allowing us to embrace life's experiences with heartfelt appreciation." Michael Corthell I deeply appreciate my life in its entirety, along with every individual and aspect that has played a role in it. The totality of my experiences has shaped me into the person I am today, and for that, I am truly grateful. Now, let's explore the reasons behind gratitude. Why should we choose to be grateful? When I was younger, though not too long ago, I didn't truly comprehend the essence of genuine gratitude. However, as time passed, I came to understand its significance. Gratitude is a conscious choice, just like adopting a positive mindset. In fact, practicing gratitude directly leads to cultivating a positive outlook on life. Naturally, I wasn't inclined towards being a thankful person, so it took considerable time