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If You Don't Understand Quantum Physics, Watch This!

 By Michael Corthell Ralph Waldo Emerson in his essay Compensation written in the mid-19th century, poetically described Quantum Mechanics . Compensation, which is difficult to read at first because of its Victorian language, inspired me to discover more about existential philosophy. It led me to many foundational, basic discoveries in both science and religion. These studies in turn have led me to a simple discovery(and acceptance) of what the Universe truly is: pure consciousness.  What Emerson is describing in the first four lines of his opening poem is, as I said, quantum mechanics: The wings of Time are black and white (this refers to both the duality of waveform vibrational energy and the dual nature of philosophical/religious concepts such as the yin and yang nature and its symbol. A checkerboard also symbolizes this duality. The 'wings' that carry time are the quanta that makeup consciousness and awareness.)  Pied with morning and with night (first 'pied' means: