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How to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset to Attract Riches

  "Embrace abundance with gratitude and unlimited thinking. Your inner world shapes the outer. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition; they know your true path. Possibilities are boundless; prosperity is a way of living, attracting a life of fulfillment and limitless potential." Michael Corthell In an ideal world, we would adopt a moneyless economic system like resourceism (also known as a resource-based economy). However, in our current reality, there's still a lot we can do to enhance our own lives and the lives of others. In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, cultivating a prosperity mindset proves to be a potent tool for personal and professional success. Drawing wisdom from New Thought philosophy , we can discover practical steps to nurture this empowering outlook. Grounded in the conviction that our thoughts influence our reality, New Thought provides a transformative approach to achieving abundance, success, and overall well-being. Step

Manifesting and The Universal Law of Consciousness Part One

''What we feel strongly such as love or hate determines what we manifest, and what we manifest is our reality.'' Michael Corthell The Law of Consciousness states that the world and everything within it are the external manifestations of our conditioned consciousness. In other words, our consciousness is the underlying cause and substance of our reality. Therefore, if we want to understand the nature of reality and create our desired life, we must first understand and master the Law of Consciousness. To understand and use the Law of Consciousness effectively, you need to understand the relationship between your conscious and subconscious minds. The conscious mind is personal and selective, while the subconscious mind is impersonal and non-selective. This means that the conscious mind is the realm of effects, while the subconscious mind is the realm of causes. You have the innate ability to create anything you want by influencing your subconscious mind. You do this wheth