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The Faces of War, Poverty and Famine

24 of the thousands of children killed in the Israel-Hamas war. (UNICEF photo) ''Gaza has become a graveyard for thousands of children'' -  UNICEF UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. Across more than 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, to build a better world for everyone. Follow UNICEF on  Twitter ,  Facebook ,  Instagram  and  YouTube ''H umanity has long grappled with the persistent challenges of war, poverty, and environmental degradation. While significant advancements have been made in technological development, these societal ills continue to plague our world. However, a promising solution lies in the concept of resourceism, a resource-based socioeconomic system that holds the potential to transform our planet into a haven of peace, prosperity, and sustainability.'' Michael Corthell Unveiling the Root Cause of Human Conflict The emergence of animal

Resourceism: Health Care is a Basic Human Right

by Michael Corthell Universal healthcare coverage means that all people have access to all the health services they need for a good quality of life without the risk of financial hardship when paying for them. Why should we provide universal healthcare coverage for every person? ''Universal healthcare coverage is an imperative step for the United States to prioritize the well-being of its citizens. By providing healthcare for all, we foster a more equitable society where access to medical services is not determined by financial means. Universal healthcare ensures that every person, regardless of their socioeconomic status, can receive essential medical care, preventive services, and necessary treatments. Healthcare coverage for all would improve overall public health outcomes by enabling early detection and intervention, reducing the burden of chronic conditions, and promoting preventive care. It would alleviate financial burdens on families and individuals, preventing med

How to Save the Animals, Save the Planet and Save Yourself

    'Earthrise' Presented by  The Vegan Project The human race is and has been for over a generation, in the middle of a revolutionary paradigm shift in consciousness, one that will only change our entire global civilization for the better - a New World. Looking through history, it’s very clear that the world has undergone many of these shifts.  A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions. For example, when Pythagoras proposed that the Earth was round instead of flat, the foundation of science and people’s understanding of the world was completely changed. Similarly, when the Industrial Revolution took place there was a complete shift in manufacturing, lifestyle, and economics.  A paradigm shift will literally shake a society, or an entire civilization to its core, by making it veer off its current path, and driving it toward a new one. Though it might appear the opposite in the corporate-controlled mainstream news, it appears that t

The Benefits of a Global Resource-Based Economy

There is a growing belief that global prosperity can only be achieved if it is founded on the principles of a more sustainable, inclusive model of economic growth. by Michael Corthell The quality of life for all people on Earth will be raised and enhanced immeasurably when all people have access to the best products and services, education, healthcare, transportation, housing, and energy systems that our civilization can provide.  This commitment must come sooner, rather than later to save our environment and our race. We have the technology to begin implementing this new economy now. We only need the will to do so...    Global problems faced by mankind today are impacting individuals and nations rapidly. Climate change, famine, war, epidemics of deadly diseases, and environmental pollution contribute to the long list of global challenges we, as humans, need to promptly address before an eventual catastrophe swiftly becomes inevitable. By some estimates, we have less than ten year

Saving Ourselves and the World is in Our Own Hands

by Michael Corthell Resourceism is the belief or ideology that all of the Earth's resources are the common inheritance of all the world's people and should be shared equally for the benefit of all the Earth's inhabitants. Resourceism is the foundational belief of a resource-based economy . Climate change has always been a thing. Man-made climate change has not. Our industrial activities have radically altered Earth's biospheres and polluted the environment.  The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life. The good news is we can reverse the damage and save the Earth, ourselves, and the millions of other species with whom we share our house. There is still time, that is if we are united in that effort.  There are two major belief systems

Government and Politics: The Coin of Democracy | A Solution

by Michael Corthell The Democratic Party and the Republican Party dominate modern politics in the United States. They can be seen as one coin with the Democrats  on one side and the Republicans on the other. The name of the coin is 'corruption.' How can I say with surety, that these political parties are indeed both corrupt other than saying, 'Look what they have done and continue to do!'??  All governments on Earth, past and present were and are corrupt. In fact, there has never been a truly democratic government, ever(the ancient Greeks came close).  They all were, and are corrupted by the money-based systems that support them whether it be socialistic , capitalistic , or communistic systems.  That money is the root of all evils(corrupt behaviors) is a factual statement . In America, any political candidate, particularly a national or state candidate needs money to run their campaign to get their message out, and then once installed in the elected office here come t

What is Resourceism and What Does It Have in Common with The Walton's?

  'Sharing is caring' by Michael Corthell How can Resourcism contribute to saving the world? Humanity can unlearn competition so to speak and learn to share again like one family just as we saw in the television series The Waltons . When you think about an extended family unit, within that family there is no buying or selling, there is only sharing of the house, the food, and the other resources. There is a cooperative effort to survive.  What binds the cooperation is family love and interdependence. We might just as well say, The Golden Rule .   How did private land ownership and money-based economies begin? Humanity has gone way off track as a race of intelligent, sentient beings starting in circa 10,000 BCE. when it started to settle down to be 'civilized'. How did this happen?  From the website Resourceism: Our World Shared : ''Nearly all of human civilization's problems; War, Poverty, Crime, Famine, and now the Global Climate Crisis had their genesis w

What does 'Poor' mean to you?

Lack of this doesn't make you poor. Read on... by Michael Corthell What does being poor mean? It's doesn't just mean the lack of money, as we shall see below. ''As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.'' —Henry David Thoreau It isn't the lack of money that makes a person impoverished, reduced to begging for their daily bread. It is their thinking for the most part. I say for the most part, because there are always exceptions; war, natural disaster, severe abuse, debilitating illness both physical and mental etc. But, for the most part the lack of money consciousness  or lack of an abundance mindset will create a life of poverty.  Read more The scarcity mindset can be emotionally painful for people (I know, I've been there and done that!) and will create in you unnecessary fear, anxiety, depression,  and desperation. An

What is a Library of Things?

  Library of Things(LOT) A Library of Things is any collection of objects loaned, and any organization that practices such loaning. Objects often include kitchen appliances, tools, gardening equipment, seeds, electronics, toys and games, art, science kits, craft supplies, musical instruments, and recreational equipment. Especially appropriate are objects that are useful occasionally but cumbersome to store, such as specialized cookware or niche technology items. Collections vary widely but go far beyond the books, journals, and media that have been the primary focus of traditional libraries. The Library of Things movement is a growing trend in public, academic and special libraries in many countries. There are also free-standing organizations separate from libraries, such as tool libraries , toy libraries , community sharing centers, independent non-profits, and individual initiatives. The Share Shed (Totnes, UK) is developing the first mobile Library of Things. Collections are often s