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The Law of Assumption: Manifesting Good Health, Wealth, and Wisdom

"Good health, wealth, and wisdom are the cornerstones of a fulfilling life, and the keys to unlocking one's true potential." -  Michael Corthell  Benjamin Franklin's famous quote, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise," is sage advice and highlights the importance of good health, wealth, and wisdom in living a fulfilling life. These three attributes may seem challenging to achieve, but they can be manifested using the Law of Assumption . This manifestation technique is related to the Law of Attraction and is based on the principle that you can manifest your desires by assuming they are already true. In this article, we will explore how the Law of Assumption can help you achieve good health, wealth, and wisdom. Achieving Good Health Good health is essential for living a fulfilling life. To achieve good health, you need to prioritize sleep, nutrition, and exercise. This means going to bed and waking up early, eating a health

Imagination Good and Evil: Thoughts Become Things

  by Michael Corthell Before the Twin Towers existed, they existed in the thoughts and imagination of one human being, Minoru Yamasaki . Their ceasing to exist was also caused by the thought and imagination of one person, Osma bin Laden . Thoughts become actions and also become things. The secret of all causation is imaginal thought. After all, everything in the Universe and indeed the Universe itself began with a thought and then the statement, ''Let there be light(quantum energy)! Our Thoughts Become Things and States of Being Our thoughts don't belong to us, not really. They come from the infinite intelligence and imagination of God -- the one and only *God that resides inside us. Imagination is part of the subconscious mind, part of a person's subconscious programming. Some, like the late Neville Goddard , say that our imagination is God. I tend to agree because the author and finisher of all creation is indeed God.  What we think about is what we become. These thou

Self-Talk Creates Reality by Neville Goddard

''Believe in the power of your own thoughts. When you replace your negative thoughts with positive internal dialogue, you’ll start creating a positive reality.'' –  Michael Corthell _________________ Read by Josiah Brandt with reverence, pause, and emphasis for added effect. This lecture shares vital human knowledge and could quite possibly be the most important Neville Goddard talk ever recorded. From ''Mental Diets'': 1955 Lecture Series  "The world is a magic circle of infinite possible mental transformations. For there are an infinite number of possible mental conversations. When man[kind] discovers the creative power of inner talking, he will realize his function and his mission in life. Then he can act to a purpose. Without such knowledge, he acts unconsciously. Everything is a manifestation of the mental conversations which go on in us without our being aware of them. But as civilized beings, we must become aware of them and act with a purpo