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Discovering the Divine Essence: Nurturing Compassion in the Spirit of New Thought

"Actions echo in the divine. What is done unto others reverberates with cosmic significance. Serving others isn't just kindness; it's a sacred reflection, revealing that in serving, we honor God." Michael Corthell In the tapestry of New Thought philosophy, we find a thread that weaves through the very fabric of our human interactions — the belief that the divine essence resides within each individual. As we look into the teachings of Matthew 25:40-45 and the two great commandments, a profound perspective emerges: to harm a human being is to harm God. In this piece, we embark on a journey into the heart of New Thought , where the recognition of the divine in every person becomes a guiding principle for a compassionate and interconnected world. The Divine Essence in All People New Thought boldly declares that the spark of the divine exists within every soul. In the words of Jesus from Matthew 25:40, "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and si

*Spiritual Theology: The Journey to Unveil the Pearl of Great Price: A Spiritual Awakening

"In the journey to possess the Pearl of Great Price, we transcend material constraints and embrace Christ's essence within. Our creative power reshapes reality, dismantling duality and aligning us with the forces of divine creation." Michael Corthell In the vast tapestry of spiritual teachings, few concepts carry as profound a significance as the "Pearl of Great Price." Rooted in the 13th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew , this metaphor probes the realm of the kingdom of heaven. This essay embarks on an exploration of this allegory, shedding light on its implications for our understanding of the human experience and the kingdom that lies within. Unveiling the Kingdom of Heaven The kingdom of heaven, as delineated in the Gospel, represents the realm where human potential finds its zenith – a realm where the boundaries of imagination manifest in reality. At its core, this teaching advocates that humans, as heirs, unite with the divine, wielding imaginative power

The Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell Exist Inside Us All

  "At the core of our being, the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell intertwine, and we are reminded of our power to choose either state of consciousness." Preface ''I've been wanting to write this article for quite a while now. My grandfather, who was born in the late 19th century and lived through some of the most significant moments in American history—like World War I, a global pandemic, a worldwide economic depression, and another world war—used to say to anyone who would listen, "Hell and even Heaven aren't actual places. They're more like states of mind or ways of thinking." It took me a while to grasp exactly what he meant, but after experiencing my own heavens and hells and studying some, the following is my take on what I think he was trying to say.'' — Michael Corthell Introduction The concept of the Kingdom of Heaven has been approached from different perspectives, and two key viewpoints emerge: one emphasizing the Kingdom of Hea