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Spirit of Black and White

''When we photograph in color, we receive the full spectrum of light, and that's a 'true' picture of what is. But when we photograph people or any object in black and white, we reveal the spirit of was is and thereby expose mood.''  - Michael Corthell 

The Symbolism and Psychology of Colors

A dispersive prism is used to break up light into its constituent spectral  colors  (the colors of the  rainbow ). by Michael Corthell The symbolic meaning of a color can vary depending on the society, the culture, and the historical time period. Each color has many properties, but the symbolic meanings are fairly straightforward. Knowing color symbolism is helpful in understanding human behavior. Color, as a symbol, is a form of non-verbal communication, and expression. Color influences human perception in ways that are not always obvious. The sense of taste for example. Colors can also be helpful for their placebo-like effects. For example, red and orange capsules are generally used to package stimulants . Color can indeed influence peoples' perceptions, but they are not even across the board. It is very important to remember that the effect of color symbolism can vary depending on gender, age, and culture. For example, a majority of men reported that red colore