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''Who Do You Say I Am'': Unveiling the Power of God's Name

"In the sacred declaration 'I AM,' lies the essence of our divinity, a timeless connection to the Source. Through its power, we become co-creators of our own reality." Michael Corthell This essay, an introduction to the topic, provides a concise glimpse into a subject that spans numerous volumes. Focusing on the potent essence of God's name, "I Am," it unravels its transformative potential as taught by New Thought teachers including Neville Goddard , Florence Scovel Shinn , and Ernest Holmes . For more in-depth commentary and insights, please refer to the provided resources. The sacred appellation of God, "I AM," serves as a profound affirmation of our innate divinity. It serves as a constant reminder of our unbreakable connection to the Source of all existence, empowering us to shape our own reality. Throughout the Bible, the phrase "I AM" is recurrent, primarily in reference to God. In Exodus 3:14, God imparts to Moses the enigm