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Paradigm Shift

  ''Many of us are sensing that 'normal' just isn't coming back. The human race is being transformed by a new normal that is alive and awakened ― a new kind of global society, with a new relationship to the earth, a new experience of knowing what being human actually is and what humanity can become.''

Post Pandemic and War: Are We About to Enter Humankind's Spiritual Age?

by Michael Corthell Many have now just started to sense an important change in global thinking: a paradigm shift. That shift, a shift in global consciousness that many of us are feeling is the spiritual age of humankind. Contributing to the likelihood of this new age is the fact that the scientific community is loosening its long-standing grip on rigid materialism and reductionism in favor of an all-inclusive quantum reality in which everything is made of the same thing. These changes are moving human spiritual consciousness toward a 'we' oneness and universal state, and away from the 'I' and 'me' consciousness that has trapped humankind's spiritual growth. Looking back through history, one can clearly see that the world has undergone many epic events that have tipped civilizations upside down and replaced them with new ones, with new morals and new belief systems. Although it doesn't show up clearly in the mainstream media today, it appe