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Universal Equality Equals a Peaceful Global Civilization

"Open-mindedness and evidence-based thinking are the pillars that dismantle prejudice and ignorance, paving the way for a more enlightened and inclusive society." ''Universal equality stands as an indispensable pillar for nurturing a harmonious global society. By eradicating disparities rooted in gender, race, and socio-economic background, we empower every individual to contribute fully to their communities. This inclusivity fosters understanding, reduces conflict, and fuels collaboration across cultures. Historical examples demonstrate that societies with greater equality tend to be more stable and peaceful. Thus, a commitment to universal equality is a vital step toward realizing a peaceful and prosperous global civilization. '' Michael Corthell Opinion in the absence of evidence is prejudice, and it stems from ignorance. Forming judgments without a solid foundation of facts undermines the pursuit of truth and fosters division in society. It is essential t