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Hacks - Tips - Lessons: How to Improve Your Life and the Lives of Others

by Michael Corthell What if you could go back and tell your 12-year-old self about the secrets to a happy and fulfilling life? What if you had heard, understood, and accepted the most important life lessons when you were still a teenager?  I've collected most of them here. 1. Have Faith  2. Be grateful for everything, despite your suffering. 3. Always remember that what you don't know is much more important than what you know now. 4. Don't stay in a career that you hate. 5. Always behave so that it's easy to tell the truth about how you acted. 6. Always believe that the person you are with might know something you need to know. 7. Be mindful. That means Pay ATTENTION. 8. When you choose, be the one who does things, instead of the one who watches things. 9. Grab what is meaningful in life and hold on to it. 10. Be honest, tell the truth. 11. Seek to always improve things, make things better everywhere you go. 12. Guard who you share bad news with.