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Positive Thinking Meditation: Choosing the Path to Growth and Self-Actualization

"Through mindful meditation, we shape our thoughts, embody our focus, and become the essence of what we contemplate, aligning ourselves with either greatness or degradation." Michael Corthell *Positive thinking meditation , not to be confused with Zen Meditation , in its essence, entails immersing oneself deeply in thought, and contemplating a specific idea or theme. Its purpose lies in gaining a thorough comprehension of the subject at hand. Not only does meditation grant understanding, but it also has the power to transform and shape the individual. Through sustained meditation on a particular concept, one gradually assimilates its qualities, gradually molding oneself in its likeness. It becomes a part of the very fabric of one's being, intertwining with the core of one's existence and ultimately defining their true self. Therefore, it becomes crucial to be mindful of the objects of our meditation and think about them in a positive light. If we allow ourselves to c