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Choose Positive Thought

Every new day has the potential of being the best day of your life. Your mind can make that so. You decide what each day will bring. by Michael Corthell How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say, ''I don't think that will work.'' When you are negative minded you are more likely to say ''I can't'' or even, ''I don’t deserve anything good.'' A negative mindset will always limit you. It will always keep success from you. When you choose the negative, you have chosen to fail.  The law of auto-suggestion is the subconscious adoption of an idea. It is up to you whether or not the idea is a positive one. Negative thoughts equal negative results and can be quite costly -- up to, and including your own life or the lives of others.. By the use of auto-suggestion, anyone can rise to great heights of achievement and accomplish things that were once unimaginable.  The following poem by Walter D. Wintle describes the p