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Quantum Physics, Yin and Yang and Oneness

"Yin and Yang dance in harmonious embrace, for in their interplay lies the essence of oneness. As the contrasting forces converge and intertwine, they give birth to the symphony of life, reminding us that unity is found in the delicate balance of opposing energies." Michael Corthell About Yin and Yang The concept of Yin Yang is an integral part of Taoism, representing the second principle of this philosophy, with the first principle being the concept of oneness. Yin Yang serves as a well-known method for illustrating the two opposing energies present in nature and within ourselves. According to Taoism, the interplay and harmonization of these energies are essential for actualizing the principle of oneness. Yin and Yang are complementary forces that exist in a state of dynamic balance. Yin represents the feminine, passive, dark, and receptive aspects, while Yang symbolizes the masculine, active, bright, and assertive aspects. These energies are not absolute or independent ent

Oneness: The Contrast Dilemma

  ''What we are trying to arrange in our world's dominant socio-economic and spiritual system, is a sort of life game where everyone wins, and no one loses, essentially trying to have yin without yang, which is like trying to have a front without a back. Or, creating a world where everyone is somebody, but everyone ends up being a nobody. Most, at least in the first world, are chasing an existence where everyone is happy all the time, but this is impossible because to be happy we must know unhappiness. The solution is Oneness and experiencing all the up and down waves of life...because all is one and there can be no separation.'' Michael Corthell