Quantum Physics, Yin and Yang and Oneness

''Yin Yang''

"Yin and Yang dance in harmonious embrace, for in their interplay lies the essence of oneness. As the contrasting forces converge and intertwine, they give birth to the symphony of life, reminding us that unity is found in the delicate balance of opposing energies."

About Yin and Yang

The concept of Yin Yang is an integral part of Taoism, representing the second principle of this philosophy, with the first principle being the concept of oneness. Yin Yang serves as a well-known method for illustrating the two opposing energies present in nature and within ourselves. According to Taoism, the interplay and harmonization of these energies are essential for actualizing the principle of oneness.

Yin and Yang are complementary forces that exist in a state of dynamic balance. Yin represents the feminine, passive, dark, and receptive aspects, while Yang symbolizes the masculine, active, bright, and assertive aspects. These energies are not absolute or independent entities but rather relative and interdependent. They are in constant flux, transitioning into one another and giving rise to each other.

Taoism emphasizes the importance of achieving harmony and balance between Yin and Yang energies. It is believed that when these forces are in equilibrium, they create a state of harmonious energy within ourselves and in the natural world. By embracing both Yin and Yang and recognizing their interdependence, one can attain a sense of unity and interconnectedness with the universe.

The aim of Taoism is to cultivate a harmonious relationship with the Tao, the ultimate reality that encompasses everything. The concept of Yin Yang serves as a practical tool for understanding and navigating the complexities of life, helping individuals find balance, adaptability, and alignment with the natural rhythms of existence.

The Quantum Connection

The Dalai Lama once said something to this effect, ''No model of reality is complete without quantum physics.'' It is very important to comprehend this message. So, this is where I will begin.

Quantum theory postulates the instantaneous connections between two entangled quantum objects such as electrons. 

This phenomenon has been seen in laboratory experiments and scientists believe they have proven this. It's not about faster than the speed of light. Speed has got nothing to do with it. These entangled objects instantly communicate at a distance. That means distance has no meaning.  A million light-years have no meaning. The amount of space between two 'things' has no meaning whatsoever.

Realistically, the entangled objects are not even communicating. They are the same thing and the same essence, they are one

It's All Connected

At the quantum level, everything may be actually or theoretically linked. All is one. Sun, moon, stars, rain, you, me, everything. If all is in one, and one is in all then we are all indeed equal. 

"We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness." 
― Albert Einstein 

"In our quest for happiness and the avoidance of suffering, we are all fundamentally the same, and therefore equal. Despite the characteristics that differentiate us - race, language, religion, gender, wealth and many others - we are all equal in terms of our basic humanity." 
― Dalai Lama 

“The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.” 
― Arthur Schopenhauer, The Basis of Morality


Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrodinger once observed that quantum physics is compatible with the notion that there is indeed a basic oneness of the universe. It may seem as though the world and the Universe are full of many divisions, many people throughout the course of human history and even today really and truly believe that individual things are part of some fundamental entity. It is a common and natural thought.

What Does This Have To Do With Non-Violence?

What happens when we secularize the belief in oneness? In a recent series of studies, Kate Diebels and Mark Leary tried to find out.

In their first study, they discovered that only about one-fifth of participants had thought about the oneness of all things "often" or "many times", while one-quarter of people "seldom" thought about the oneness of all things, and only one in ten people "never" had thought about it.

Their main finding? People who believe that everything is 'fundamentally one' differ in crucial ways from those who do not. In general, those who hold a belief in oneness have a more inclusive identity that reflects their sense of connection with other people, nonhuman animals, and aspects of nature that are all thought to be part of the same "one thing." The belief in 'oneness' is the basis for universal equality

My main finding? Now, more than ever in human history, we all would benefit from a oneness mindset.

It's Time To Wake Up - We Are All One

Please share this video, far and wide! Modern Science is now beginning to confirm what Spirituality, Philosophy, Sages, Ancient teachings and psychedelics have been saying for millennia, that the entire Universe is One and that what we think of as "reality" is just an illusion.. And the only real thing in the Universe is Consciousness. 

"If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet." ~ Niels Bohr