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Cosmic Awakening and True Enlightenment

''In modern times, the concept of "waking up" or experiencing a spiritual or cosmic awakening has become a prominent topic of discussion and acceptance. What are the potential outcomes when an individual undergoes such an awakening? It is believed that each one of us possesses the potential to attain Enlightenment, a state similar to the cosmic Enlightenment achieved by historical figures like Buddha and Jesus. ( also see: charisma )'' Michael Corthell What does it mean to 'wake up?' This can all be a bit confusing because awakening means different things to different people, and the word and its many variations are often used to describe completely different experiences. Simply stated, there is more than one type of awakening. Awakening, which in Japanese Buddhism is called Satori , is a process that challenges the foundation for understanding the nature of the Universe. During awakening our perspective on how we see the world is radically changed. It