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Cosmic Awakening and True Enlightenment

''In modern times, the concept of "waking up" or experiencing a spiritual or cosmic awakening has become a prominent topic of discussion and acceptance. What are the potential outcomes when an individual undergoes such an awakening? It is believed that each one of us possesses the potential to attain Enlightenment, a state similar to the cosmic Enlightenment achieved by historical figures like Buddha and Jesus. (also see: charisma)''

What does it mean to 'wake up?' This can all be a bit confusing because awakening means different things to different people, and the word and its many variations are often used to describe completely different experiences. Simply stated, there is more than one type of awakening.

Awakening, which in Japanese Buddhism is called Satori, is a process that challenges the foundation for understanding the nature of the Universe. During awakening our perspective on how we see the world is radically changed. It is flipped upside down or turned inside out.

After experiencing this state your understanding of the world shifts and you incorporate new concepts that you were unaware of or had rejected. A true awakening causes you to recognize that much of what you previously thought or understood was quite limited or incomplete.

But, I need to point out strongly that a Cosmic Awakening can be related to but is distinct from, Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a state of being in complete alignment with all that is. In enlightenment, you go beyond all duality, beyond all space and time, to experience the fullness of the universe in both form and beyond form — or in Buddhist parlance, emptiness. This is a place of non-judgment, where the paradoxes between relative and universal truths are understood and resolved. In this state, you are connected with all of life in a state of total and unconditional love. Enlightenment requires awakening, but awakening does not necessarily result in enlightenment.
While both cosmic awakening and Enlightenment involve transformative spiritual experiences, Enlightenment is regarded as a more profound and complete state of awakening, marked by the attainment of ultimate truth and liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Cosmic awakening, in contrast, focuses on expanding awareness of the universe and one's place within it, without necessarily achieving the same level of liberation and transcendence as Enlightenment.
To summarize, true Enlightenment (capitalized) refers to a state of complete spiritual liberation, where one experiences the "void" or the realm of no-birth and no-death. It is a state of ultimate spiritual freedom.

It is the state that Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ attained, and it is believed that Maitreya will also achieve it. Additionally, it is important to note that when the term "enlightenment" is not capitalized, it refers to a different concept. In this context, "enlightenment" signifies the emergence of individuals from their self-imposed immaturity. Immaturity, in this sense, is the inability to rely on one's own understanding without being guided by others. This self-imposed immaturity is caused not by a lack of understanding, but rather by a lack of determination and courage to utilize one's understanding independently. The motto of enlightenment, therefore, is "Sapere Aude!" meaning "Dare to know!" or "Have the courage to use your own understanding!"


Below is an excellent lecture that provides more clarity and an explanation that 
will cause you to read the Sermon on the Mount with new eyes resulting in a better understanding of Christ Consciousness.

''Jesus Christ and Christ Consciousness''
- Wake Up To Who You Really Are - 
Alan Watts


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