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[Life] the Tree

[Hope] ...the result of kindness toward a suffering soul

[Excuse me]...while I succeed

[Goals] ...we don't always score touchdowns

[Good]...for Goodness Sake

[Life]...what a pain

[Fake News] yes, until proven otherwise...

[Plan] to succeed or at least survive...

[Accord] is attaching oneself to a peaceful end...

[You] and only one You

[Act] ...and you shall receive(so act good!)

[Happiness]...the state of

[Affirmations] are positive self-talk - a kind of self-therapy - they are healthy spiritual foods for the soul

[POWER]...mind your thoughts

[Change] transmute, transform, vary, mutate, amend, modify replace, or swap.

[Equality] is the singularity

[Accord] a harmony that binds all to one and one to all

[Freedom] will it or not?

[Happiness] is a product of gratitude

[Life] in the balance

[Freedom]...Tell Me No Lies

[Concern]ing Worry

[Human Health] Here's to yours, mine and ours...

[Patience] Just wait a second...

[Suffering] of one, is the suffering of all...

[Good Life] it's your life

What Makes a 'Good' Life?

[Balance] It's how it all works...

[The One] May the force be with you...

The Prime Mover: God, The Universe, The One

[Ambition] success has little value without Struggle and without Struggle, there is no progress...