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The Power of Optimism: How to Stay Positive During Hard Times

"Lemons symbolize the unexpected hurdles we encounter. But those who possess the power to transform them into lemonade hold the key to unlocking limitless possibilities." by Michael Corthell You have your positive mindset, and things have been going pretty well, but then things 'seemingly' start to take a turn for the negative. We've all experienced days when it seems that there's nothing but problem after problem. Days like these threaten our strong, positive mindsets and may, if not dealt with immediately, stop us from moving forward. We may even tell ourselves that we should have seen it coming. Maybe we did see it coming but didn't want to believe it. This can cause guilt. What do we do? The first thing is we accept these negatives as inevitable and don't panic. Then, we get back to basics. Understand: Everything happens for a reason and is temporary. Happiness in life is dependent on your approach to life, not what happens to you