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How Do I Stop Being Negative

by Michael Corthell “Start now to observe all of your unpleasant, negative thoughts and change them, for until you separate yourself from the state from which these thoughts flow, they will continue to cause you to have the same experiences in life.” – Neville Goddard How To Stop Being Negative Some people, including many medical practitioners, believe that negative thinking stems from a defensive reaction. That it is the outgrowth of prevention.  It is a  defense mechanism that causes a person to look for what is wrong so that they can protect themselves from danger, but it is a very dangerous strategy by itself because our thoughts actually become things—thoughts create reality—have a negative mindset, get a negative reality. So instead of preventing bad things from happening, these negative thoughts are telling the subconscious mind to manifest them. Always dwelling on the darkness creates more darkness. The good news is, that just the opposite is true also. Negative th