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What is Extensionality and How Does it Relate to Resourceism?

  “The word love will disappear in the future and be replaced by a new term called extensionality , meaning you’ll enhance one another’s lives. But ‘I love you’ is just empty words that manifest nothing. It’s how people behave to one another that indicates love.” -  Jacque Fresco by Michael Corthell I would like to talk about 'extensionality' in a new sense of the word.  Extensionality in the way I'm defining it is 'love in action' or that is to say, extend as much love, care, and concern to people and nature as possible. Why do I want to talk about it? Because there is a new world on the horizon and new words are needed to adequately describe that world.  ''We live in a world with very unkind systems. The lack of caring, compassion, and concern in this world stems from the environment created by our monetary system which generates our behavior, societal norms, and traditional beliefs. Many people desire a kinder and more compassionate world. We have peopl