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Exploring the History of New Thought Philosophy

  The New Thought movement , with its origins in the 1830s, emerged as a spiritual and metaphysical belief system that has had a profound influence on social change spanning from the 19th to the 21st century. This article delves into the historical roots and key figures that shaped the New Thought movement, highlighting its impact on philosophy and healing practices. In the philosophy of New Thought, the mind's potential for healing is boundless. This metaphysical belief system, shaped by influential figures like Quimby and influenced by transcendentalism, continues to guide spiritual seekers toward enlightenment and social progress. Embrace the power within, for it holds the key to transformation. Influential Precursors Emanuel Swedenborg and the New Church The 18th-century New Church, founded by Emanuel Swedenborg , laid a significant foundation for New Thought. Swedenborg's teachings had a lasting impact on New Thought authors, particularly in their interpretations of the Bi