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How to Spot FAKE NEWS, Propaganda and Conspiracy Theories

by Michael Corthell What is the best way to find out if something you read online, in a newspaper or on television is accurate and not fake? You fact-check it. But how you ask? How hard is that to do? In my mind it's not very hard at all, especially when I think back to when I was in high school, and had to do all my research at the school or public library using the card catalog system .  If you can Google it, you can fact-check it, but be SKEPTICAL!  Take a look at this quick guide to spotting FAKE NEWS. 1. Read Past The Headline One way that fake news gets amplified is that busy readers may not look past the headline or opening paragraph before they decide to share an article. Fake news publishers sometimes exploit this tendency , writing the beginning of a story in a straightforward way before filling in the rest with obviously false information.  In other cases, clicking through to the article will reveal that the story really has nothing to do with the headline at all or prov