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Creating Your Reality: The Law of Attraction and Neville Goddard's "At Your Command"

''To achieve your desire, don't focus on anything that goes against it. Instead, imagine yourself already having what you want to achieve. You and God merge in creative unity, making all things possible.'' - Michael Corthell Neville Goddard's book "At Your Command" is a powerful work that offers practical advice on how to manifest your desires through the power of your thoughts and imagination. The book was first published in 1939, but it has remained a popular resource for those seeking to harness the power of the Law of Attraction and the creative force of the universe to achieve their goals and dreams. Goddard's teachings focus on the power of the human imagination and belief, and he offers practical steps for readers to take action toward their desired outcomes. Goddard's work has inspired countless individuals to tap into their inner power and create the life they truly desire. His teachings have influenced many other popular self-help an