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Perfectionism holds us back. Here's why...

by Michael Corthell There are two basic types of perfectionists; Adaptive and Maladaptive . Adaptive types are considered 'normal'. Researchers have found that both adaptive and maladaptive perfectionists have high personal standards, but failing to meet those standards is more stressful for the maladaptive than for the adaptive or normal folks. STRESS is the key word. Stress is not healthy for the body, mind or soul — so lets do something about it.  ''Perfectionism becomes a badge of honor with you playing the part of the suffering hero.'' — David D. Burns Being a perfectionist can: Make you have low self esteem. A perfectionist has low self esteem because he can’t accept himself as he really is – imperfect. Make you depressed and unhappy.  No one can be happy if they can't accept life on life's terms. Constantly trying to make everything perfect, which is impossible, they will fall into depression. Happiness depends on acceptance