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Creative Consciousness: The Law of Manifestation

  "Mind your feelings, don't let negativity in. Focus on joy, not the flaws of others or your own. Treat others as you wish to be treated. This is the simple recipe for a happy life. Everything else is merely commentary."   Michael Corthell The world and everything in it are a reflection of our consciousness. To understand the secret of creation, we must turn to consciousness. Mastery of the law of creative consciousness allows us to achieve all our desires. With this knowledge, we can build and maintain an ideal world. (For a look at The Law of Manifestation from a Christian perspective see my essay: ''Manifesting Reality from a Christian Perspective'' ) The Depths of Consciousness Consciousness is not a metaphorical concept; it's the one and only reality. Imagine it as a stream divided into two parts: the conscious and the subconscious. To use creative consciousness effectively, we need to comprehend their relationship. The conscious is personal an