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The Miracle of Life and The Artistry of the Universe

by Michael Corthell Today's article is fairly brief. When you get to the end be sure to watch the video presentation, because you will see the miracle I talk about. 'Let there be light, and there was light, love and life.' When writing about God (the creator/the first cause/the prime mover/the one, the source or The ONE) I often say that God is love or love is the essence of what He is, and that 'love is all there is'. I say this because the true effect and purpose of all creation is love, life, the love for it and just to live it. The foolish believe in luck. The wise believe in cause and effect. Many people refer to God as the 'first cause'  (and only cause) . For every 'cause' there is indeed, not only one effect, but many. What you see and experience all around you—throughout all the Universe are those 'effects'. For most people are only two ways to live life. Living it as though nothing is a miracle, or living and expe

Your Mind is Full of Magic!

by Michael Corthell You have a magic mind. Imagination is a workshop in the corner of your mind, a shop where new ideas and concepts are formed and experimented with. The forming of new ideas and then translating those new ideas into concrete reality is a human trait. We all have this power. How do we use it well, and use it fully? It has been said that whatever a human being can imagine he can turn into a reality and that nothing is 'impossible'. There are two identifiable forms of imagination. The first is SYNTHETIC IMAGINATION. In this workshop we arrange old concepts, ideas, or plans into new ideas or combinations of ideas. This kind of imagination  doesn't create anything . It works with the material of experience, education, and observation that has been accumulated by the imaginer. The second and more mysterious of the two types of imagination is CREATIVE IMAGINATION . This mental process is in the neighborhood of the 'twilight zone', a plac