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What is Resourceism and What Does It Have in Common with The Walton's?

  'Sharing is caring' by Michael Corthell How can Resourcism contribute to saving the world? Humanity can unlearn competition so to speak and learn to share again like one family just as we saw in the television series The Waltons . When you think about an extended family unit, within that family there is no buying or selling, there is only sharing of the house, the food, and the other resources. There is a cooperative effort to survive.  What binds the cooperation is family love and interdependence. We might just as well say, The Golden Rule .   How did private land ownership and money-based economies begin? Humanity has gone way off track as a race of intelligent, sentient beings starting in circa 10,000 BCE. when it started to settle down to be 'civilized'. How did this happen?  From the website Resourceism: Our World Shared : ''Nearly all of human civilization's problems; War, Poverty, Crime, Famine, and now the Global Climate Crisis had their genesis w