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What Does 'Human Dominion' Mean?

Michael Corthell for The Vegan Project   It now looks like the bible was indeed correct, saying in Genesis that Adam and Eve held dominion over "every living thing," over beasts as unmanageable as lions and whales, and forces as terrifying as plague, famine, and drought. Now, thousands of years later, some of the world's most respected scientists are saying that this dominion is now complete .  Despite the Bible's claim of dominion, today's reality reveals a darker picture. Thousands of years later, renowned scientists warn that humanity's unchecked dominance has led to dire consequences. We bear the burden of responsibility for the damage inflicted upon every living thing, from majestic beasts to devastating plagues, famines, and droughts. Human activities have had so much impact that we have become a "force of nature" as a species. Humans are transforming the land, the water, and even the atmosphere of Earth more rapidly and at a greater scale t