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The Inevitable Triumph of Goodness over Evil: A Historical Perspective

"Evil, embodied by authoritarianism, is inherently weak, ineffectual, and cowardly. In contrast, goodness, marked by justice, equality, and compassion, is inherently strong, effective, and courageous—endowing societies with resilience and progress." Michael Corthell Throughout history, the world has witnessed the rise of authoritarian and fascist regimes, characterized by the concentration of power, the suppression of dissent, and the glorification of a single authoritative figure. While these movements have often appeared formidable, a closer examination reveals a fundamental truth: evil, as embodied by these ideologies, is inherently weak, ineffectual, and cowardly, while the goodness that opposes it is strong, effective, and courageous. Evil as a Manifestation of Ignorance and Fear Evil, in this context, is not a force of inherent strength but rather a manifestation of ignorance and a deviation from the higher spiritual truths that the majority of humanity