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Want to be Happy? Be Grateful!

by Michael Corthell

Three questions:

1. Are there any good and positive things in your life right now?

2. What are they?

3. And do you always seek good, positive things in your life every day?

If you're not sure about the second question, I understand that, and I just want to remind you that you're not alone. All of us get trapped in our daily lives and sometimes forget to see all the good that is around us. It can all boil down to perspective.

''The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad your whole body is full of darkness.'' 
—Luke 11:34

How? That is the question. The answer is by being a positive thinker—having a positive mindset so that you can rise above discouragement.

I want to remind you how critical it is to count your blessings, to be full of thanksgiving to God for every good thing in your life.

When you acknowledge the goodness of God in your life, no matter what your circumstance, you will experience more of God's blessings in the future. Be grateful and you will be given more to be grateful for.

We all tend to focus on the negative aspects of life rather than the positive ones. That is our natural state. Our task in being a positive thinker is to stop this kind of self-talk: ''If only I could lose those 10 pounds... If only I made more money... If only he would do this, then I would be happy.''

The problem with this type of thinking is that happiness is not based on conditions; it's a state of being.

Gratitude brings a state of joy and so let's embrace thankfulness. It’s something that has to be done daily — to the best of our abilities. And we have to learn how to express our gratitude.

The practice of doing something to help and please another person is the best way to express our gratitude to God.

Being grateful increases our happiness and sense of well-being, it also helps us deal with problems and setbacks, it also strengthens our personal relationships. It keeps us healthy.

Again, practicing and having the spirit of gratitude within us will give us, even more, to be grateful for.

Today, start by saying, ''Thank you God for all you have given me,''  and watch how your life is transformed for the better.


Want to be happy? Be grateful

by David Steindl-Rast  

The one thing all humans have in common is that each of us wants to be happy, says Brother David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar. And happiness, he suggests, is born from gratitude. An inspiring lesson in slowing down, looking where you're going, and above all, being grateful.


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