How to Use Self-Affirmations

"Affirming positive beliefs is key to manifesting our desired reality. By combining intentional action and a positive mindset, we become a powerful force for change."

Affirmation involves declaring something to be true and believing it to be a reality. Whether we realize it or not, we affirm our self-concept passively throughout the day. However, intentionally focusing on positive affirmations can help us create the reality we desire. It's important to recognize that our thoughts and beliefs shape our experiences, and by using positive affirmations to reprogram our subconscious mind, we can change our belief system and attract positive outcomes.
Nonetheless, affirmations alone may not be sufficient to bring about change, and we must also take action and make changes in our behavior and environment. By combining positive affirmations with purposeful action, we can become a powerful force for change in our lives and achieve our goals with a positive attitude and mindset.
Let's start with some standard positive affirmations. Pick the ones that are right for you or add your own.

  • I am peaceful in my body, heart, and soul.
  • I easily see the lesson or the blessing in all that is.
  • Every day, I offer gratitude, trust, and faith for everything that happens in my life.
  • I am authentic and present.
  • I am successful in everything I attempt.
  • I am a magnet for money and abundance.
  • Love, wisdom, and discernment coexist in my heart.
  • Deep love is my birthright.
  • When faced with two choices, I always take the higher path.
  • I am guided by a higher power.
  • I am energetic and strong.
  • I see the best in everyone and they in me.

When we repeat these affirmations, we make a statement to ourselves and the Universe(God). We declare our intention to be a better people. The declaration is perceived by our subconscious mind as the truth. It is a ''fake it 'till we make it' kind of truth. Repetition is the key.

Did I say repeat them over and over? Here are more to choose from:

  • I am healthy and happy.
  • Wealth is pouring into my life.
  • I am sailing on the river of wealth.
  • I am getting wealthier each day.
  • My body is healthy and functioning in a very good way.
  • I have a lot of energy.
  • I study and comprehend fast.
  • My mind is calm.
  • I am calm and relaxed in every situation.
  • My thoughts are under my control.
  • I radiate love and happiness.
  • I am surrounded by love.
  • I have the perfect job for me.
  • I am living in the house of my dreams.
  • I have good and loving relations with my wife/husband.
  • I have a wonderful and satisfying job.
  • I have the means to travel abroad, whenever I want to.
  • I am successful in whatever I do.
  • Everything is getting better every day.

It may take up to three weeks for this positivity to sink in. Don't give up. Love yourself. Being good to yourself and being positive will always succeed in making you a better person.
Always remember that self-improvement is not a selfish act. The better people that we become, the better able we are to help others. Be unstoppable. Nothing is impossible. Be a blessing. Do good!
For more information and a deep dive into how this all works check out Neville Goddard's lecture: At Your Command


Unconditional positive regard -- the power of self-acceptance
| Michelle Charfen |

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Michelle shares her personal journey towards Unconditional Positive Regard and self acceptance through the lens of parenting. This is a story about relationships and ultimately the relationship you have with yourself.