How Does a Resource-Based Economy Work?

The most important difference between a Resource-Based Economy and a Capitalist or Socialist Economy is sustainability and because there is no means of servitude or money used in this system, there is no corruption, no crime, no war, and no poverty.

by Michael Corthell

The quality of life for all people on Earth will be raised and enhanced immeasurably when all Earth's citizens have access to the best products and services, education, healthcare, transportation, housing, and energy systems that our civilization can provide. 

This commitment must come sooner, rather than later to save our environment, our race, and other species. We have the technology to begin implementing this new economy immediately. We only need the will to do it...   

Resourceism is the belief that all the Earth's resources
are the common inheritance of all the Earth's inhabitants.

Global problems faced by mankind today are impacting individuals and nations rapidly. Climate change, famine, war, epidemics of deadly diseases, and environmental pollution contribute to the long list of global challenges we, as humans, need to promptly address before an eventual catastrophe swiftly becomes inevitable. By some estimates, we have less than ten years(as of 2021) to get our act together.

Regardless of political philosophy, religious beliefs, or social customs, all socio-economic systems depend upon natural resources, such as clean air and water, arable land, and the necessary technology and personnel to maintain a high standard of living. Any new economic system must be sustainable.

How it works

The Venus Project

A Resource-Based Economy(RBE) is a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. 

All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few. The premise upon which this system is based is that the Earth is abundant with plentiful resources; our practice of rationing resources through monitory methods is irrelevant and counterproductive to our survival. 

Modern society has access to highly advanced technology and can make available food, clothing, housing, and medical care; update our educational system; and develop a limitless supply of renewable, non-contaminating energy.

 By supplying an efficiently designed economy, everyone can enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities of a highly technological society.

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