Are You with Me Prime Mover?

 First recognize the universe is in you -- you are part of it. Many believe it is all 'out there'. Not true. We somehow think some external force is going to swoop into our lives and save us from all the challenges we are experiencing. Again not true. The Universe is inside you, it is your partner.

Two, we have to let go of what is preventing us from succeeding. When we’re caught up in the "I just need to trust the universe” state of mind, we can focus too much on the practice of "letting go" as an abstract thought. But trusting the universe isn't just about hoping we'll be saved. It's about being practical, about approaching our fears head on and learning what specific limiting beliefs we have that we need to let go of. When the desire for change is bigger than the desire to stay in our comfort zone, big things can and will happen.

Three, The universe will serve you, but not always please you. For example, would really please me to get a boat load of free(unearned) money. It might. It might please me to think that I would never have to worry about money ever again. But it wouldn’t serve me. What would truly serve me is to know that I can do things on my own. It serves me to know that when I am determined to succeed, facing every fear, with the universe having my back I can reasonably assume that I can accomplish whatever I set out to do.

Yes the Universe is all around us, and inside us. Our thoughts cannot be hidden and it will respond to whatever we believe.  

The first rule regarding the character of the Universe?
Not a darn thing happens until something moves.