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Quantum Zen: The Universe is Full of Magic!

Subatomic View
"The Universe is a magical place, filled with infinite wonders and mysteries waiting to be explored. It's a reminder that there's always something more out there and that the possibilities for discovery are endless."

Quantum Zen is a spiritual philosophy that combines the principles of quantum mechanics and Zen Buddhism. It suggests that the interconnectedness and indeterminate nature of the subatomic world can be used as a metaphor for understanding the nature of reality and the self. Practitioners of Quantum Zen may use meditation, visualization, and other techniques to deepen their understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and the role of consciousness in shaping the universe.
We are all the leaves of one tree, We are all the waves of one sea, We are all the stars of one sky. The time has come for all to live as one.
— Thich Nhat Hanh
Common sense suggests that all life originated from a single divine spark that was set in motion by the first cause (such as God, Prime Mover, The One, or The Source), from a single thought or flash from that singularity that said, "Let there be light." As a result, we, as human beings, are related to even the most basic and evolutionarily oldest microorganisms on this planet. It is my belief that there is even commonality between us and other forms of life on other planets throughout the galaxy, as well as in all other galactic systems in the Universe.

Understanding and applying this fundamental knowledge is important for comprehending the inner workings of our biology. It assists us in developing curative techniques to address the many ailments that afflict humanity and other life forms.

It is appropriate to consider all animals, humans, and stars as entirely and infinitely connected since they are. We all know on a spiritual level that we are genuinely interconnected. Is this a fact, or is this feeling of connectivity just the whimsy of the spirit?

Quantum physics/mechanics(QM) has shown us that we and everything that exists are entirely and perpetually linked. It is our minds that deceive us into believing in the concept of separation. Nothing is genuinely separated from anything else, including human beings from one another and God from His creation. One is in all, and all are in one.

In 1935 Albert Einstein, and his coworkers discovered quantum entanglement hidden in their equations of quantum mechanics. Einstein came to realize how odd and even spooky QM truly was. This quantum entanglement made him assume that the universe is 'nonlocal', or that the true basis of physics is hidden (aka a hidden-variable theory).

To boil all this complicated stuff down we can think about it this way; when two individual atoms that come into contact with one another, they experience an unconditional bond with one another. This bond spans an infinite amount of space and time, as far as we are capable of observing.

Typically, when matter bonds or communicates there has to be a medium like air or space for the atom to communicate what it was doing with its neighbor atom, but during quantum entanglement, there is no medium, and communication is instantaneous. The biggest deal in all this is - distance is not a factor.

QM is the 'big deal' and explains all sorts of spiritual matters.

We are all connected with all that there is. All is one.

 There can be debate about that, but this connection is real and observable on many levels. In other blog articles, I dig into this connection between, God, us, and all life. 

But for now, I will leave you with this: 

When you fall in love, and you become emotionally attached, something happens between the two of you — your atoms, the building blocks of your physical you in the universe, become 'quantumly' bonded.

Quantum scientists may tell you that it's impossible to feel this bonding or entanglement, this spooky connection to another living soul, but when you look back on your past relationships or a mother's maternal intuition and inexplicable knowledge of their child being in danger, you understand that this spiritual entanglement is real. 

''Einstein was searching for String Theory. It not only reconciles General Relativity to Quantum Mechanics, but it reconciles Science and the Bible as well.''
Roy H. Williams

There is scientific proof that we are all indeed connected. It has everything to do with how God created the universe, and it is not magic, it is quantum mechanics.

Can we make quantum technology work?
by Leo Kouwenhoven

SUPERPOSITION: What is a superposition? Quantum theory says that electrons can circle different atoms at the same time. That's the glue that keeps atoms together into molecules and stops our bodies from falling apart. It's how a green plant leaf can "process" light into oxygen in the fastest and most efficient way possible. If a plant can think that way, why can't a computer do that, too?


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