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Enthusiasm Amplified: Your Key to Unstoppable Success!


"Zeal is the fire that ignites our inner spirit."

by Michael Corthell

Being enthusiastic about life is an essential requirement for leading a joyful, happy, and fulfilled existence. Enthusiastic individuals are universally appealing; their vibrant energy is contagious. We naturally gravitate towards those who exude passion, inspiration, and determination because they are effective doers who motivate and uplift us.

''Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence,
is the quality that most frequently makes for success.''
—Dale Carnegie

Positive enthusiasm stands as your most valuable asset. It surpasses the value of power, wealth, or influence because it not only encompasses them but also brings forth even greater rewards. Merge this positive enthusiasm with faith and proactive initiative, and you're poised to revolutionize the world! Do you aspire to cultivate greater enthusiasm? Wondering about the pivotal approach to ignite excitement and kindle a passion for life? Let's embark on this journey!

Here's the list:

Be Positive. If you lack a positive outlook on life, try developing one. Being positive in mind and spirit comes at no cost, while being negative can cost you everything. As the saying goes, whether you believe you can or you believe you can't, you're right.

Be passionate. Find out what your chief purpose in life is. Make it something that you have a burning and unrelenting desire to achieve. Your author's is, ''to successfully teach (to the world) how to develop, have  and keep a positive mindset.''

Be genuine. Always be yourself, and not a fake. People like real people. You can emulate people but do not counterfeit. Be happy with your God-given talents—and use them.

Be creative. When we create we have a natural desire, we are driven. This, in itself. will foster even more enthusiasm. Human beings were created to create by thought and by deed. Think. Act. Create.

Be 'in awe'. Understand and appreciate the power and the beauty of the Universe. Relish the beauty of your own home world and all the varied life it contains.

Be learned. Learn something new each day by being open to discovery. Set goals to learn new hobbies and skills. Read more and listen more.

Be active. Walk, stroll, or jog. Swim, bike, or hike. Action of the body does more for the mind than sitting around thinking all the time. Being active tells your mind that there is 'much to be done'! This automatic motivation creates immediate enthusiasm.

Be with the positive and enthused. Being around positive people who have boundless enthusiasm will make you more enthused.

Be 'surprisable'. If you are a controlling person trying to open up to being surprised. It's no fun at all to know everything beforehand or have your hands on everything that is going around you. Be spontaneous and enjoy the moment.

Find your true purpose and get excited about it! Be in awe and be enthusiastic about your own dream. Develop an unquenchable passion for it. Build an excitement that is like a raging forest fire, a fire that others can smell, can taste, and can see from a thousand miles away. Let your desire and enthusiasm burn and shine for all the world to see!

The power of enthusiasm 
by Mike Jutan

At age 10, Mike Jutan envisioned his future at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), George Lucas's groundbreaking visual effects film studio. His passion for computer graphics led him to earn his B.Math (Honours Computer Science Co-Op) degree at the University of Waterloo. He now lives his childhood dream every single day as a Research & Development Engineer at ILM in San Francisco, California. Mike is always busy planning his next adventure, to explore the globe and to make a difference to the world around him. Using his mentoring skills and extremely contagious enthusiasm, he is determined to share his joie de vivre with the world and inspire the next generation through a blend of art and science.


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