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Google Like a Pro: How to Ask Google Questions. And Get Good Answers


The first and most important tip is to be concise. The more detailed your question is, the less good results you will get, so shorten it up! 

How to Use Google Search

Here is some simple, straightforward information to become a proficient Google searcher!

Begin at the beginning with the basics

It doesn't matter what you're searching for, start with a simple question such as like 'what is a tree'? You can always add specific adjectives after the first search.

Be careful with the words you choose

Use words that your target website would use. If you are shopping for new tires for your car. Don't use the term 'wheels' in the search question. Use 'car tires near me'.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Like spelling and capitalization. Google's software algorithms will fill that in for you. 

The key to successful searching is simplicity!

Start with short questions, and Google will do the work. For example lets ask Google 'what is meditation'? This is the first page. It will give you multiple answers but it will also give you more specific search terms that you can use:

- What is meditation, explain?

- What are the 3 types of meditation?

- How do you meditate?

- What is the whole purpose of meditation?


From Google Itself: Expert Search tips

Check out the links below to learn more advanced search techniques.


Learn how to Google Like a Pro with the TOP 10 Google Search tricks and tips that will help you find what you are looking for QUICKLY! These are the must-have Google Search Techniques that every student, teacher, researcher, and journalist should know.


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