''I Am You and You Are Me''

by Michael Corthell

What does my statement 'I am you, and you are me', mean?

It means to me that we, you and I, as well as all living beings, are functions of, and manifestations of the entirety of the Universe and therefore are of the same 'ONE spirit' - a spirit that not only permeates but is the first cause and driving force of the Universe. 

In short we and all there is - the entire mass and energy of the Cosmos are expressions of the Universe itself and this is what is meant by 'holy'.
“Every individual is a unique manifestation of the Whole[or the One], as every branch is a particular outreaching of the tree.”
– Alan Watts

If you agree or at least find this concept of a single uniting spirit of the Cosmos intriguing please contact me, either via direct message on social media.

In the video below my mentor, the late Alan Watts explains further:


''I am you and you are me.
All is ONE, We are ONE.''

You see the universe is one single living organism - a consciousness. We and every living creature are manifestations of it like the leaves on a tree or grapes on a vine. We are not born into this Universe; we grew out of it.

For me personally, this revelation that I had put aside since studying Alan Watts and others' work when I was in college, has caused me great inner conflict and it may give rise to similar angst in the reader, so I implore you to delve further into Zen Buddist philosophy.

Finally, the concept or philosophy of ONENESS explains fully why equality, justice, and mercy toward all beings as well as reverence for our home planet are vitally important for a peaceful, clean, and thriving world. 

''Humankind is a normal part of nature and if we don't recognize that, and continue to misuse our technology we will completely destroy our home planet's environment or foul our own nest.''