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by Michael Corthell

“You don’t look out there for God, something in the sky, you look in you.” 
– Alan Watts.

It is said, by many Christians, that the Old Testament is about a promise made by God, and the New Testament is about the promise fulfilled.

In my view this is true. But I believe the entire Bible, including the gospels and other scripture that was omitted, is not to be taken as a historical series of stories at all (for the most part), but rather it is to be read as a kind of psychodrama with allegory highlighting eternal truths and the sciences of creation, such as quantum theory and so on.

First of all, I've come to terms with labeling myself a philosopher because I use reason to understand such things as the workings of nature and the existence of all things, including understanding the use and limits of knowledge and science, and the principles of moral judgment toward all created beings as well as the nature of matter itself.[spoiler: everything is energy in wave form, all of it]

Secondly, quantum reality is the true, foundational reality. Unseen directly it's God's magic workshop where things are communicated and stuff gets done. When I talk about manifesting things like a job, a house, or a healthy body the quantum world is where the work is done

Thoughts, that is to say, imaginal thoughts powered by absolute faith light up this world and brings these things into actual being in the physical 3-D world. 

As we like to say, 'Thoughts become things.' 

''All things are possible for one who believes...
I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.''
 – Jesus

My Core Beliefs

  • We are all endowed with infinite power because God resides in us all. In fact, all living creatures(souls) are temples of the living God. What separates us from other creatures is our ability to acknowledge the presence of God living inside of us which gives us the ability to manifest any reality we wish for ourselves and others. 

  •  Adopting the feeling or certainty of having or being what you want to have or become, will eventually manifest in the physical world. When we persist in this assumption until it becomes our dominant thought and feeling, that assumption has no choice but to solidify into existence.

  • To experience a positive change in our lives, we have to have a positive shift in consciousness. What any of us are conscious of is the only true reality. That is to say, our world, our lives, are made of the substance of what we are conscious of. As an example, if someone is without money, it's because they constantly think about the lack of money - they have negative thoughts about money -- a scarcity mindset. And even if they do have money, but they're still afraid of spending money, they are conscious of their lack of enough money. To correct this a person must assume the feeling that they are, in the present moment, in possession of all the money they need. This is how we manifest what we want.

  • God lives in us as our human imagination. There is no God outside of us because God lives in us, and we are the image or imagination of God. That divine force or spirit named God is expressing itself through each human being, therefore it is our purpose, as human beings, to use that divine power to learn how to use our imagination to create the lives we want. But, God is impartial and doesn't label things or behaviors as right or wrong in the same way the human ego(self) sees it, so we can and do imagine negative things for ourselves(and others). The news headlines are full of these negative imaginings or manifestations.

  • Feelings or emotions are the one and only medium through which imaginal thoughts are delivered to the subconscious mind. Any person who does not control his emotions can easily convey to the subconscious undesirable ideas which can and often do become a negative reality.

  • If we persist in the emotion of our desire fulfilled rather than simply wishing it were real it will materialize in our physical world. This applies to anything that we want to manifest. For example, if a person wants to manifest a new car, they might imagine that they are going to the dealership for their first service appointment. This imagining will imply that they are indeed the owner of the car they are manifesting.

  • As I stated before and repeat for emphasis, I believe that God lives in us all -- in all created beings. Believing this logically means that we are all one in God and God is in us all, therefore equality is universal

What I have laid out above is but a summary. And just to be abundantly clear I am not telling anyone what to believe. I am not a priest, pastor, or guru. This is simply how I see the reality of our existence.

I have been chasing after this religious belief since I was a nine-year-old in Sunday school when my teacher said, ''Do you know that your given name; Michael, is a question? I, of course, said ''No. What's the question?'' He said, ''It means 'Who is like God.''' After sixty years I now believe that I know the answer. 

Lastly, being eclectic in my research and study I have educated myself by climbing upon the shoulders of those who have come before me. My goal is to honor these great women and men by reaching further, often through simplification and my own allegories, to uncover new truths and ways of presenting the power and the promise of our magical Universe.


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